Note: All renewal is processed using the FORSIO Portal

  • 2. Check that all your information is correct:

    • My Personal Details (e-mail, mobile phone)
    • Company name (you are employed in) and address
    • Under My Addresses
      • Personal/home address
      • Invoice address – including name, and if required, add PO number/reference number and invoice e-mail address.

    If update is necessary, click “Request Change” and insert correct information. FROSIO will approve the changes before they appear in the portal.

  • 3. Only if necessary

    i.e. if you cannot be recognized by current photo, upload a recent photo on white background (jpg file).

  • 4. The following documents must be uploaded into the inspector’s portal:

    1. Updated CV/resume with detailed information regarding your relevant experience the last 5 years
    2. Formal company letter/document/proof of employment from current employer confirming relevant experience/inspection experience (dated, signed and stamped by your current company).
    3. You must document at least two years of relevant inspection practice in the last five-year period for renewal of level III (for level I and II Cv and company letter is sufficient). This documentation must be impartial (i.e. must be confirmed by company or person who has no interest in your certificate and not your company which is not considered impartial). This can be done using:
      • A reference list with impartial contact persons (including title and e-mail), i.e. not in your company but from external clients, projects or contacts. Signed and stamped by your current company. Please note: only one reference list is required and signatures from external contacts are not required, only contact details.
        Reference List Form (word)

        NOTE! If you cannot fill out the reference list, it is your responsibility to obtain necessary documentation from your contacts.

      • If you have been employed in other company(ies) in the last five-year period, a confirmation letter from this employer(s) are considered impartial (a total of two years documentation is necessary). Confirmation must be dated, signed and stamped by company.
  • 5. On the left side in your FROSIO portal, click “SEND REQUEST” and state your request type (renewal, upgrade or lost certificate).

  • 6. Your request will be confirmed and FROSIO will issue an invoice to invoice e-mail address. Use the invoice number as a reference when paying invoice. DO NOT PAY THE FEE BEFORE YOU HAVE RECEIVED THE INVOICE.


Once FROSIO has received the application for renewal or upgrade, we will confirm by e-mail or message in the FROSIO portal. We will start processing the application. If a company purchase order, other reference or invoice e-mail is required, please note under invoice address. Invoice (including bank information) for the renewal/upgrade fee will be sent to the invoice e-mail address by pdf. DO NOT PAY FEE IN ADVANCE! Once the invoice is paid, the certificate will be updated in FROSIO portal with new expiration date and/or level. You will receive your renewed certificate digitally to your registered e-mail address (no plastic card) via You will receive 2 e-mails, one with certificate letter and one with a link to your digital certificate.

Mark the payment with the invoice number (on top right side of invoice), normally done under remittance information or note field. This can be done directly in bank/on line bank. The applicant shall pay all extra fees or bank charges.


Renewal fee:

Standard Fee: 1800 NOK*  (EURO 160)
* NOK = Norwegian Kroner

Bank Details

Bank name: Nordea Bank Norge ASA
Bank Address: P.O.Box 1166 Sentrum,
0107 OSLO
IBAN: NO1560170500256
Swift Code: NDEANOKK
Bank account number : 6017 05 00256
Company Reg. No. : 985427011 MVA-(FROSIO)