What about a company membership in FROSIO?

FROSIO, The Norwegian Professional Council for Education and Certification of Inspectors for Surface Treatment have certified more than 9000 inspectors according to the Norwegian standard NS 476. Further FROSIO have certified over 300 insulation inspectors within their new scheme.

Today approx. 35 companies and organizations contribute through their membership in the Council to keep up the important work done by FROSIO. We would like to welcome you to challenging collaboration towards a joint objective : HIGH QUALITY – BETTER COMPETENCE – NORWEGIAN BACKGROUND

To strengthen the validity of FROSIO both nationally and internationally, FROSIO is depended on the contribution from the field of surface treatment and insulation through active membership.

Application for membership can be addressed to FROSIO secretariat.

Download Application Form (pdf)

Yearly membership fee:

Number of employees Price(NOK)
1-9       1.750,-
10-49       3.500,-
50-199     10.000,-
200 and above     20.000,-
Organizations     40.000,-

Examination fee :

Type Price
Members: 3500 NOK *
Non Members: 4000 NOK *
2nd and 3rd time exam: 3100 NOK *
* NOK = Norwegian kroner

Member Companies

Company Votes A B C D E
AlpAccess 1 X
AM Korrosjon 1 X
Bjørn Walin 1 X
Consolvo Overflate AS 1 X
Corrosion Consulting As 1 X
CSD Systems AS 1 X
Dalseide Shipping Services AS 1 X
Inspeksjonsservice 1 X
JMF Co., Ltd 1 X
M.I.O. Engineering as 1 X
Norsk Coating AS 1 X
Norsk Overflate & Korrosjons Kompetanse 1 X
Per Hartland Value AS 1 X
pH Value (Japan) Ltd 1 X
Safe Control AS 1 X
Spray Service A/S 1 X
Sub Sea Services AS 1 X
VIDEFKOR FM s.r.o. 1 X
Wagner Industrial Solutions Scandinavia 1 X
Hummervoll Industribelegg as 1 X
Hempel AS v/Hempel Academy 1 X
Jotun  AS v/Jotun Academy 1 X
KTV Group AS 1 X
Lie Overflateteknikk AS 1 X
Randaberg Coating AS 1 X
Tikkurila Norge AS 1 X
IP Huse AS 2 X
Oceaneering Asset Integrity AS 2 X
Aibel AS 3 X
Statens Vegvesen, Vegdirektoratet 3 X
Statkraft PG AS 3 X
Statoil ASA 3 X
Korrosjonsentrepenørenes Forening, KEF 6 X
Maling og Lakkfabrikkenes Forbund 6 X
Total 56 2 4 2 8 20