Check a FROSIO Certificate

We are aware of cases where efforts to falsify certificates have occurred, e.g. copying via pdf. For this reason, we remind you that it is important to check the original certificate. These certificates are produced and difficult to falsify.

A certificate can be verified at our homepage on "check a FROSIO certificate". Enter the certificate number and the name of the certificate holder and validity will appear. Alternatively, please contact the Secretariat.


FROSIO Annual Meeting - 2017

FROSIO will hold its Annual Meeting on April 27, 2017 at Majorstuen in Oslo.


GSI SLV Duisburg 10-year cooperation

FROSIO congratulates GSI SLV Duisburg for their 10-year cooperation. Since their approval of October 1, 2006 they have held 39 courses.

FROSIO were present at their conference PRO CORROSION PRO to celebrate.


FROSIO celebrates 30-year anniversary

On October 1, it was 30 years since FROSIO was established. Recently we gathered for a meeting followed by a celebration.

The photo is from the meeting with members of the Board and the committees for insulation and surface treatment.


Training course in Kaoshiung, Taiwan, ROC

The participants at the training course in Kaoshiung, Taiwan, ROC held by pH VALUE (Japan and Norway). Even though the course was stopped for 1 ½ day due to the typhoon MEGI which passed the course venue at a speed of 160 km/hour up to 200 km/hour the participants did not get harmed.

Everybody is happy and satisfied and look forward to the examination to be held by NKClass, japan.